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Judys' Place

Artisan Pottery


     My Journey



I have been in a relationship with clay since I was a little girl making fun little sculptures form  natural clay found on the banks of the tiny fishing village of Port Stanley in Ontario.  Climbing up high on the clay cliffs to hidden pools of soft warm clay was such an adventure!  Part of the fun was to get covered in clay and slither down the bank without falling and jumping into the lake to get cleaned up.  I would then walk back to my Granny’s cottage with my handful of clay and spend the rest of the day making all kinds of creative things as children do. Those were the days when children went off on wonderful adventures.  It appears to me now that know one ever really worried about me.  Just be home for supper or before dark, don’t be too long was the standard message as I went happily out the door.  So that was the beginning of my love with clay!


 In 1972 I attended Sheridan College in the Craft & Design Program with a major in Ceramics and participated in Craft Shows across Ontario from 1975 to 1995. During this period I was the Craft Coordinator of Home County Folk Festival in London Ontario.


 My commitment to the Arts eventually lead me to a wonderful opportunity at Hutton House in London Ontario as the Program Manager of the Pottery Studio and Leisure Programs from 1990 to 2016. Hutton House supports individuals with physical and developmental challenges and offers many creative opportunities.  The Studio was a very fun mix of professional Artist, Potters, Volunteers and individuals with challenges. We all strived together to build a strong wholesale and retail business across Canada by participating in the Toronto Giftware Show, and through the Hutton House Gift Shop.


Teaching has always been a passion of mine and I love to share my knowledge with students of all ages.  I have taught pottery both privately and for Fanshawe College in the Creative Arts Program and to children for London Parks and Recreation.


So here I am now older… and now able to make vessels that speak to my soul. I like to make pieces that have a rhythm and motion that are influenced by nature.  Water, wind and fire have always had a presence in my work. The direct contact with my hands on the clay evokes mindfulness and allows honesty with my feelings and sensitivity to my nurturing sole as a woman.


 I hope you will enjoy my work!

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